You can eat deliciously a snack being marketed, but when you add a little time and effort, you can enjoy unusual taste. 

#17: Karamucho Tandoori Chicken

This is a tandoori chicken which you can easily make by sprinkling karamucho on it and putting it in yogurt for a while. You can make it with your frying pan even if you don't have tandoor!

#16: Marshmallow Mochi

It is like a soft rice cake made from marshmallow. The combination of marshmallow, soybean flour and sesame brings a good flavor such as the Japanese sweets.

#15: Umaibo Corn Potage

It is very easy, and its taste is even lifelike. If you like strong taste, please prepare two umaibos.

#14: Jagarico Sweet Potato

I made a dango from jagarico. This is like a Japanese cake which has sweet potato flavor.

#13: Marshmallow Pocky Bar

Chocolate and marshmallow go together very well. You use your favorite pocky for the part of the skewer.

#12: Potato Chips Spanish Omelet

It is Spanish omelet made of potato chips instead of potato. A sourish taste of tomato and a flavor of the potato chips spreads in a mouth.

#11: Ritz Canape (Cream cheese & Avocado)

This is an easy ritz canape to which was added wasabi to give an extra spicy. Because of including avocado, its nutritive value is high, and so it's healthy.

#10: Umaibo Corn Dog

These are corn dogs which are made of spiral wieners wrapped in pancake mix of umaibo taste. These are healthy, because you don't use oil.

#9: Calbee Frugra Pudding

This is simple pudding made from Calbee Frugra, milk and egg. You can enjoy a heated one or a cooled one.

#8: Stuffed Peppers with Kappa Ebisen

This is stuffed with Kappa Ebisen instead of meat. The taste of the inside makes a good match with the sweetness of green peppers.

#7: Boukun Habanero Chizimi

Chizimi is an okonomiyaki-like Korean pizza. This is easy chizimi which extremely hot snack Boukun Habanero is in.

#6: Black Thunder Pound Cake

You can make this cake while watching DVD. If you get used to make it, you only use one mixing bowl and it's very easy.

#5: Flanch Toast (French Toast by Flan)

It is a easy French toast made by flan (flan means pudding in Japan).

#4: Jagarico Cheese Yogurt

This yogurt tastes sweet and salty. You feel a crunchy texture is fun to the end.

#3: Jagarico Potato Salad

You only add hot water to Jagarico and mix it. When you add black pepper, you can eat deliciously for pungent taste.

#2: Umaibo Spaghetti

You only sprinkle broken umaibos on spaghetti and mix it. It is suitable for you who like Umaibo.

#1: Umaibo Omelet

It is easy omelet which is made from an egg and your favorite umaibo.